I am a local business man, and own several older rental properties that frequently, by law, require lead paint inspections. Cheryl Eckard is who I call. She is very prompt, professional, courteous and reasonable. When I call her, I know the job is as good as done. Cheryl has eliminated the lead paint stress and hassle that rental properties bring. I strongly suggest she do the same for you.

Larry T. Michaels State Farm Insurance

My family as several rental properties, we are very busy with our jobs, and sometimes are not able to schedule a lead inspection during the week. Not a problem with Cheryl she will even do our inspection on a Sunday if necessary, and at NO additional charge.

Property Manager

We were in the starting process of remodeling our basement, and had some mold issues. We called C.E. Environmental services to do a complete mold inspection before putting thousands of dollars in the remodeling. That was the best thing we did, found out we had some water intrusion problems that were easily corrected. We followed their advice with cleaning the mold, and now we have a great living space in our basement.

Mrs. Reeves

My husband and I are looking for a investment property, we heard of Cheryl through friends that use her services for their rental properties. We called her to get some information on the lead laws in Maryland, because the investment property was built in the 1930's. She informed us of all the steps that would take place. We now know a lot more on these lead paint issues.

Karen & Mark P.


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